Searching for wild saunas

The idea

A project to find the wildest saunas in the UK and Ireland. 

That is, saunas that are outdoors with cold water nearby, and that bring people together. This project is a rejection of the wellness industrial complex and a celebration of the roles that community, place and nature play in healing. It's also an attempt to document our particular varieties of sauna culture. 

The journey so far

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The map

This map contains all the places we've encountered online that potentially fit the bill. It has five different categories: campsites; glamping, cabins and cottages; sauna and swim; relatively wild spas and mobile saunas. Click on the menu on the top left to view the map in a different tab or to select what categories you would like to view. 

The plan

We're hoping to find, sample and share wild saunas.

Got a sauna to suggest? Get in touch via searchingforwildsaunas (at)